Assistance Dog Team Julie & Shiloh, February 2013

K9s 4 Mobility is the best! Service Dogs are well trained and well behaved. Yesterday I was at Austin Wheelchair getting my chair repaired. It's the third time I had been there with my K9s 4 Mobility trained Service Dog, Shiloh, in the last month. During yesterday's visit, the reception person said, "Your service dog is so well behaved, so still and quiet." I said, "As she should be, thank you." Then the woman said something like, 'I've never seen a service dog in here that just lies still and doesn't fidget and believe me I've seen plenty of them'. Thank you Michelle Woerner!!

Assistance Dog Team Heather & Axle, July 2016

Yesterday was Axle & my 2nd big adventure. Axle, Chad & I went to the county fair Demolition Derby! Axle did incredible! I did NOT expect him to be so cool with the noise after being at the fair with the balloons the day before. I'm so proud of him! Our bond is getting stronger by the day. I couldn't have asked better of a dog (let alone 1/2 as good) on our 3rd wk together (2nd wk out of training & on our own).

Assistance Dog Team Cathy & Laddie, January 2015

My name is Cathy Sousa and I have known Michelle Woerner for about 12 years. I have been blessed as I have had 2 dogs that were trained by Michelle. I am so proud of my babies, Klinger (a beautiful Golden Retriever who is now 12 ) and my newest Laddie ( the most gorgeous Smooth Collie). Klinger is retired and Laddie is learning more each day. We'll enough history. I have MS and lower back problems that are a real problem. Klinger used to brace, retrieve and do all I needed at the time I got him. He is so intelligent and very easy going. I could not have asked for a better partner! Laddie came to me in january in time for my birthday. He is sensitive and really keys in to your mood. When I got sick a dog was the last thing on my mind.A friend told me about service dogs and how independent I could be if I had one trained for my needs. So, I looked into it And eventually got Klinger. What a fabulous experience it was and to think I almost missed out. Klinger gave me the freedom to go everywhere I wanted and I felt awesome because I knew he would watch out for me. He was a friend that I realized could meet any of my needs at any time and I felt so so relaxed. I had the freedom I was afraid I would loose. 

He learned more and more each day and lived to work. He also gave me the gift of love that I needed and when I NEEDED IT. Friends, my husband and relatives were great but at the end of the day it was Klinger who was there and Always was a presence that gave me unconditional love. Time and time again, when I thought a task was an impossibility ,Klinger would show me that we could work it out together. Now, Klinger has retired and it is my husbands turn to be his person. Laddie is my new partner and we too will be great together. Recently , I cried and Laddie got right upon my chair and put his front paws around my neck and proceeded to kiss me again and again. What a lucky lady I am to be loved and cared for as both pups have done and continue to do for me. Service dogs are the bomb and make me say. " what disability." I can live a life that I thought was a dream that would end for me once I became"physically challenged" Thanks to my buddies I am still me.

Assistance Dog Team Monica & Gabby, February 2017

It's been nearly two weeks of training with my service dog, Gabby. We've learned a lot together and I feel fortunate to have been supported by K9s 4 Mobility and Michelle Woerner, my trainer. Graduation day Feb. 13th!