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Picture of Susan and puppy Bruce

Business sponsors puppy Bruce who is trained to be an Assistance Dog for Susan! 

Sponsor a puppy: Puppy Sponsorship is $1000 and includes the honor of naming the puppy. Once the puppy is selected, updated pictures will be sent through the training process and once the partnership has been made. This donation will cover the cost of the puppy plus having their hips x-rayed to screen against hip dysplasia. The donation also covers the cost of the eye certification that ensures the dog has no cataracts or other eye diseases.


Dogs in Training also need a sponsor to cover their food, care, and housing during the 6-9 months they are at K9s 4 Mobility. It costs $100 a month to feed each dog and to provide their heartworm prevention medication. There are additional costs such as veterinarian exams and vaccinations, treats, toys, training equipment, beds, etc. Sponsors of dogs in training will receive pictures of the dog’s progress and notification of when the dog is placed with their partner.  The $100 a month pledge provides a dog with dog food, treats, toys, and heartworm prevention while they are in formal training to become an Assistance dog.


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