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K9s 4 Mobility is not able to train dogs to assist someone who has Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Autism, Diabetes, Hearing disability, Parkinson’s, PTSD or Seizures. We do not train companion, therapy, or emotional support dogs.

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Once the application for an Assistance dog has been received by K9s 4 Mobility you will be contacted to schedule a home interview and evaluation.  This interview will be used to get to know you better and what your needs are in a Assistance dog.


Following the interview, if K9s 4 Mobility determines that you meet all the requirements to receive an Assistance dog, an agreement will be drawn up with intent for placement.  At the signing of this agreement, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required.  This agreement will go into detail as to the financial and physical responsibilities of the recipient of the Assistance dog.  K9s 4 Mobility spends approximately $20,000 to train one Assistance Dog however, the recipient is only required to donate to help cover the cost of training future Assistance Dogs. All of the travel and lodging required for the training instructor is also the responsibility of the recipient.


The waiting time for receiving an Assistance dog can be between one and two years, depending on finding and training the right dog for you. Once the dog has been selected, the dog will be in formal training for at least six months before placement. 

When the dog is ready for placement, the instructor will come to your home to train you both to work together.  You will receive one-on-one training and attention to ensure the match works.  The time of training together depends on the progress but usually takes one to two weeks during which the instructor will come and go from your home as needed. 


Once the team is working together safely, the instructor will conduct the public access certification.  After the certification is granted, the partnership of the Assistance dog will be granted in which the recipient is responsible for the Assistance dog.  Ownership of the Assistance dog is considered after one year of successful partnership with the recipient.  Any assistance with training following the certification will be given to the recipient, by phone and/or email.  K9s 4 Mobility will assist the recipient for the life of the Assistance dog.


Please read about the Owner Trained Program under Assistance Dogs before completing that application.

Applications can be downloaded or printed and sent to K9s 4 Mobility by mail or email.   If you have not been contacted within two weeks of applying, please contact us to make sure we have received it.

Guide Dog

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Owner Trained

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Service Dog

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Puppy Raiser Trainer

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Facility Dog

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Print it, fill it out, and return to K9s4 Mobility

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