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Wyoming has new Service Dog Laws

K9s 4 Mobility was proud to play a part in the new Wyoming Service Dog Law that will prosecute those passing off their pet dog as a Service Dog in public accommodations.

Thanks to Representatives Zwonitzer and Brown for bringing this bill before the House and Senators Emerich and Anselmi-Dalton for bringing it into the Senate.  Lots of work by our Lobbyiest, Bob Jensen, Barbara Staffard and Chris Brown and lawyer JoAnn Vilos.

Jill Jensen & Linden testified at both committee meetings so that everyone could understand the dangers they face when pet dogs behaving poorly or dangerously are allowed into public accommodations.  Business owners are protected, if they do not believe a dog to be a Service Dog they may removed the dog them from their business.  The person who is trying to pretend their dog is a Service Dog can be fined up to $750.

The ADA states that a Service Dog does not have to be identified by any harness or cape, but they must be on a leash and under the control of the handler at all times.  A Service Dog is only a Service Dog if:  1.  The person has a disability and 2. The dog is trained to perform skill tasks that directly mitigate that person's disability.

Fake service dogs has been a growing problem and too many people are putting vests on their pet dog so that they can take them into public such as grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and other stores.  If a business chooses to allow pet dogs into their location, they can be held liable for any damage or danger to the general public because of that pet dog.  A business is not held liable if they believe in good faith that a dog with it's owner who has a disability is a Service Dog.

Governor Matt Mead enjoyed meeting the K9s 4 Mobility dogs and volunteers as he signed the bill into law!!!

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