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Toby adoption

(Toby)  I will miss my puppy trainer family, but since my hips are not good enough to work, I am being adopted by a family as a pet.  Now, I get to be super spoiled and just play all day!!!

(McCoy)  I love being the only puppy in the all the toys are MINE!!!

(Yogi - career change)  Playing basketball is very tiring!

(Jonah)  Showing off my awesome sit stay in front of the school after working with the students in class.

(Arazi)  Being the co-pilot is just one of my many talents as a Service Dog!

(Bullet)  I am so rockin this Guide dog harness!

(Laddie)  It's important to know when to just be silly!!!

(Tuffy)  For my next how I can make him get up and take me outside!

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