Assistance Dog Team Julie & Shiloh, February 2013

K9s 4 Mobility is the best! Service Dogs are well trained and well behaved. Yesterday I was at Austin Wheelchair getting my chair repaired. It's the third time I had been there with my K9s 4 Mobility trained Service Dog, Shiloh, in the last month. During yesterday's visit, the reception person said, "Your service dog is so well behaved, so still and quiet." I said, "As she should be, thank you." Then the woman said something like, 'I've never seen a service dog in here that just lies still and doesn't fidget and believe me I've seen plenty of them'. Thank you Michelle Woerner!!

Assistance Dog Team Monica & Gabby, February 2017

It's been nearly two weeks of training with my service dog, Gabby. We've learned a lot together and I feel fortunate to have been supported by K9s 4 Mobility and Michelle Woerner, my trainer. Graduation day Feb. 13th!


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